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Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Vision of RawDev

Imagine a scenario:
I have survey results in a Google Doc that gives me a list of websites that my users like. I have a website like that provides rankings of websites worldwide. I have a table of data on websites in Oracle.

Three data sources, three disparate data sets. But looking at it, we know that there are linkages there. Imagine an application framework that allowed you to query all three, simultaneously, and seamlessly present the data to your users in a convenient front-end.

Now imagine that framework is called RawDev.

This sort of project is exactly what RawDev is designed to do: bring together independent data and give it to an end-user in a seamless presentation. You set up the datastore once, and then build apps to use that data again and again. Integrate different types, different locations, even different storage engines of data and have one interface. View all these different data-sets as one data-set in your favorite database gui application. Oh, and RawDev will throw in powerful XML based access controls as well.

You can download a beta version of RawDev this summer after a live demo at the Higher Ed Web Symposium at the University of Pennsylvania on July 21st and July 22nd. In the mean time you can get early bird access and follow the development process on this blog and

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